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If you’ve ever wanted to know very well what continues inside a man’s head with regards to sex, then you definitely do not need to ask yourself any further. A study because of the dating site quickflirt asked over 2,000 men about a variety of subject areas, from cock dimensions to pubic hair grooming, and all things in between. One of those situations is often crucial:
Exactly what intercourse place carry out males like finest?

According to research by the
review, the most widespread dick sized the men to their website is six in, with 48.33 per cent claiming that size. (Although according to a 2015 study, the
normal amount of an erect cock is actually 5.17 in
, but we digress.) Over half males on the website (56.67 per cent) grab
manscaping extremely seriously
, either maintaining their particular pubes cut or totally shaved. I am not sure who this business tend to be, because I not witnessed an absolutely shaven man — except in porn, however. The review additionally learned that 38.33 percent of
guys use adult sex toys
constantly or have no less than tried an adult toy as soon as.

Nevertheless most interesting the main survey sealed gender positions. Although 3.33 % of males for the study stated they didn’t have a favorite position, the others happened to be slightly pickier. So what are men’s the majority of chosen intercourse jobs? Well, I am able to let you know that you’ll not be very impressed by primary anyway. But first, discover all of our video on ideal gender jobs for little penises:

5. Standing Up

4.16 percent of the respondents rank standing because their favored intercourse position. Although it can be a little complicated if you don’t have a wall structure or something otherwise for support, it is definitely hot, especially if you’re simply hoping to get a quickie in before venturing out.

4. Missionary

In all honesty, I found myself surprised to find missionary about this listing after all. But also for 6.67 percent of those interviewed, missionary is their many chosen situation. I believe it seems sensible if you’re in a committed union, because there’s a lot of intimacy in appearing the really love inside vision … and watching their own O face.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is fantastic, especially for ladies. Obtain the G-spot triggered, as you can manually excite your clitoris. But for anyone 11.67 percent of men just who like that one, it must be mentioned this particular situation, if not through with care,
can cause a broken penis
. No, I’m not joking.

2. Cowgirl

That is additionally a well liked for females, because from this point, your
G-spot is triggered
, even though the rubbing of clit against your partner’s pubic bone provides for clitoral pleasure, as well. With 19.17 % of men favoring that one, its seriously the right position you ought to have on your routine roster.

1. Dog Design

And the position that almost all men love? Doggy style, obviously. Have you been also shocked? Not really. For 28.33 % of men, this is the way to go. With this direction, they’ve got the control, a great look at the sofa, and it’s really truly primal, which I guess makes for a fairly perfect situation.

Pictures: Caroline WurtzelBustle; QuickFlirt